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Welcome and Thanks for visiting Disha. After an unpredicted start in August 2015, is growing amazingly great. we found our first search engine visitor in November. That day our page hits were 200. We were so happy for the first day, and now we are getting 70,000+ monthly hits on average every month. People ask doubt and share ideas to write articles upon.

If you are a guest writer or even a student want to share his voice this is the right place. It’s not only important to write something. The equally important thing is to optimize it for everyone. And of course, we do it for you.

Benefits of writing on Disha

  1. Great reach
  2. Free edit and optimization for SEO
  3. Backlinks to your own website or blog
  4. A long term relationship

What kind of articles we invite:

Disha is a guidance platform and most of our viewers are from India, USA, Nepal, Pakistan, and Arab countries. Nearly every viewer is student, teachers and people searching for guidance and inspiration. You can keep these statistics in mind while writing.

How to submit your article:

We are glad that you asked that. You can send your article in HINDI/ENGLISH to the mail manager[at]woodcutters[dot]org or even to him [dot] bisht044[at]gmail[dot]com.


I know there are lots of grammar mistakes in the articles. Thanks in advance to send me some of them to correct and improve.

Liked It? Appreciate our effort by sharing with your friends.