10 best jobs in cloud computing

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10 Best Job Opportunities in Cloud Computing Profession

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In the changing global scenario, cloud computing is the latest technology which becomes beneficial for businesses and industries. With the help of cloud computing, it becomes easy for the organisations to handle lots of data and information at a single platform securely. Both government and private sectors are investing big to maintain their confidential data on servers. Here we will discuss 10 great job opportunities in cloud computing professions for you.

However, it’s not an easy task to access all data frequently. It leads to the situation of underutilization of various services and costs. At that time, cloud computing is a big help. It helps to store and maintain data using remote servers whenever it is required by clients. One should just have an internet connection to store all data on the server and email management software named ‘cloud drive’.

The executive director (KPMG), Nitin Khanapurkar, works in the domain of cloud computing uttered, “Since cloud services have a huge potential, the demand for professionals will be equally high in the coming years. Moreover, since India does not a have a ready talent pool, they might command a premium.”

Here, we are going to discuss some of the cloud computing hot jobs for aspirants who want to pursue their career in this field.

  • Cloud consultant:

The role of Cloud consultant is to study and evaluate various business requirements. He has to explore new cloud technologies and recommend them to the IT businesses.


One should have complete knowledge of IT industry and various cloud technologies. He should have at least 8yrs of consulting experience in any IT company. Top-notch communication skills are also required to deal with the clients.

  • Cloud architect:

A cloud architect has to develop and implement cloud-based technologies. He has to ensure that the system is reliable, secure and support all the business and IT requirements within a budget of clients.


The minimum basic qualification must have graduated in computer science or engineering. One should have more than 10years of experience in networking on various platforms such as Shell, VBScript, Linux, Windows and more. Along with this, one should have an experience of designing and installing under virtual environment.

  • Cloud software engineer:

Being a software engineer in cloud computing has the responsibility to design and develop new software modules as per the need of cloud service providers.


One should have at least 2 years of experience in software development along with a bachelor degree in computer science or engineering. One should have working experience with ETL tools, system configuration, deployment technologies and programming experience on Linux/Unix Operating system with great command on at least one code language. One may follow up with the experience in cloud infrastructure and SOA technologies.

  • Cloud sales:

One can get a job in cloud sales as an executive, a representative, a consultant or a manager depending upon skills and experience. One should have to work on outsourcing cloud business with C-level professionals and customers.


Cloud sales require a bachelor degree in business administration along with 5-10 years of experience. It requires effective communication skills, expertise in building strategies at cloud level corporations. One should also have the ability to travel for sale purposes.

  • Cloud engineer:

The role of cloud engineer is to conduct all technical issues related to cloud computing. One has to implement and maintain all distributing virtual infrastructure.


One should have at least 5 years experience in shared virtual infrastructure after completing graduation in computer science. One may follow up with VMware certifications for being an engineer in this field.

  • Cloud services developer:

Employers hire cloud developer to design and build multi-platform for their customers. They need such tools for sales interfaces and for managing their portals. These tools will serve as a gateway to the consumers for taking benefits of cloud computing services.


After graduation in computer science or computer engineering, one should have 5 years of experience in cloud architecture and design. He should have knowledge of web services on SOA platforms along with expertise in any one code language like PHP, Python, C++ or JAVA.

  • Cloud system administrator

An administrator has a key role to configure and maintain all the system requirements related to a cloud platform. He should also have problem-solving skills to troubleshoot all cloud-related issues.


One should have knowledge of working in a cloud environment. He should have administration skills related to an operating system along with graduation in the computer field. He should also have experience working on enterprise-level platform installations and high command on Linux so that he can monitor and plan for enterprise platforms.

  • Cloud systems engineer

The role of cloud system engineer is to build virtual systems that support cloud environments as per customers need.


One should have completed his graduation in the computers, IT or technical field. He should have an experience of 5-10 years along with expertise in Internet and network hosting services. He can also follow up with experience in monitoring, scripting, clustering and web security services.

  • Cloud network engineer

A networking engineer performs various tasks including implementation, system support, maintenance, hardware and software, networking and communication links based on cloud infrastructure.


One should have at least 4 years of working experience in in-depth networking along with expertise in various protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NAT, Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking, routing and scripting abilities. One should also have a command in one or two code languages such as Perl, Python or Shell. One may follow up with Cisco certification course to work as a network associate or a professional.

  • Cloud product manager:

Cloud product manager helps to handle all the product related issues including licensing, packaging, pricing, sales, etc. He has to understand the concept and then implement it for various product requirements.


One should have a bachelor or post graduation in business and computer science with a minimum of 3years working experience as a software developer. One should also have strong communication skills along with the complete knowledge of SaaS or cloud-based model.

Salary Packages in cloud computing profession:

Along with the wider scope in cloud computing, the salary package is equally impressive.

  • At the beginner level, one may get about 12-18 lacs.
  • After few years of experience, one may get approx 20 lacs.
  • For high professionals, one may get about more than 30 lacs of the salary package.

One should develop his communication, computing and technical skills. He can get help using psychometric tests for knowing about his own skills and development required in the specific field. IT companies also provide various certification courses and training related to cloud computing. This field has a bright future scope in the upcoming global scenario.



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