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Best books for IIT entrance – JEE 2018

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Are you preparing for IIT JEE advanced or mains 2018?

Wrong book selection can ruin all of your preparation.  Book selection is an important step and should be the very first part of preparation. It becomes more crucial if you are preparing from your own.

Most of the publication claim to have best preparation guide for IIT entrance but wait! Is that true? No! and absolutely not.

90% of the books available in the market are either a copy of some other book or not well researched.

How to select a right book for your preparation?

What is a right book?

  • Easily understandable.
  • Contains lots of examples.
  • Contains tons of problems.
  • Solutions and answers of all the problems are available.
  • Theory should be well explained
  • With little (or no) errors 

How to choose a right book for JEE 2018

Books you are selecting might be recommended by your mentor (teacher). This book should be in the language you are using to preparing for the exam. Most of the people may recommend you some book but if you find the language not comfortable to study, you should not choose it.

Most of the books have almost similar content so don’t run for fashion, just choose a good one for you. The books you are choosing should be the standard ones even when they are not followed by the people around you.

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Standard Books for JEE Preparation

We can divide these books into three categories.

  • Maths standard books
  • Physics standard books
  • Chemistry standard books for joint entrance exam preparation

These standard books are recommended by every well-known institute and they are more than enough to prepare for your next exam.

Don’t try to read lots of books. If you will follow only these books you will definetly get success. Also you can take other books to have idea of last exam pattern and other things.

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Physics books for Jee mains and advance 2018

  • Concept of physics – Vol 1&Vol 2

Bible for every physics lover in his early love days and recommended by every topper. The book is written in such a manner that you will start loving the subject. The problems starting from very easy to advance level will clear each and every concept of yours. However some of the chapters you may not find here from your syllabus, so you can skip them.

Apart of it, you can choose any test series so that you will have the grasp on them as this book doesn’t specifically write for JEE exam.
best physics books to buy for jee preparation
Buy Concept of physics from amazon

These preparation tips can help you to prepare well

Mathematics books for Jee mains and advance 2018

One of the best book available for Jee preparation. Contains tons of problems and solutions and well-explained examples are given in this book.

  • Objective Mathematics for Jee mains and advanced

preparation books for jee for mathematics

Book review on Amazon: “Best book for JEE Advanced
This book is well organized, giving questions from previous IIT-JEE exams(Mathematics) (and answers) as per topic/chapter.
If the reader goes through this book, he/she will get an idea of the in-depth of questions expected from each chapter in the syllabus. Delivery by amazon was fast and clean”
Try to solve the questions yourself before seeing the answer.Try it again and again until you succeed.That is the secret of success in any competitive exam, especially for the IIT-JEE exam.’

Buy Objective Mathematics for Jee mains and advanced from Amazon

  • Mathematics for IIT Jee from R D Sharma

Mathematics for IIT Jee from R D Sharma is the best available book for self-study. Most of the aspirants including many previous toppers have used this book as a guide for JEE preparation.

Buying this book will definitely be a wise decision for you.

Amazon user review: Best book in the market…it is a great mixture of all the important questions from MLkhanna, SLlonely, Arihant, Hall.
It is All in One in a true sense. it is like a direct train from 11th to IIT … ☺

Check all current IIT and their location list here

Chemistry books for Jee mains and advance 2018


One of the finest books suggested by JEE 2017 and 18 aspirants is this.

Amazon book review: This is a great book for IIT JEE Organic Chemistry problems.

The solution book associated helped me in solving more difficult problems quickly.
  • Wiley’s J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry 

best chemistry books for jee preparation 2018

The book is very precisely written and excludes all out of syllabus material. You can put this book in the categories of best ever books written for JEE preparation for inorganic chemistry.

Amazon user review:  It is one of the best books for the student those who want to clear basic concept.

Buy Wiley’s J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE in best price


More on JEE preparation books 2018 and other

What do you think about the above choices? Most of the books mentioned above are already read by me and I know these are truly awesome. If you are following any other book and I have not mentioned it, you can write in comments so that people can check them well. Also if you are not satisfied by these books you can write it below.

Apart from these books choosing some other books for testing yourself time by time will be useful.

All the best!


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