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Best Career Options after B com – Career and Courses

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Are you Pursuing graduation in commerce or planning to go for a B com degree after your 12th?

If yes, then be happy!

There are several career options and courses are available for you after B com.


Most of the students think the  B com is not so worthy as there is less pay after graduation or there are a few options to pursue but this is completely wrong perception.

There are countless options in the job as well as in entrepreneurship after Bachelors in Commerce (B. Com).

Most of the students with the commerce in 12th or in B Com actually find it tougher to decide what to do after B com so we have discussed a few common options to pursue after your graduation in commerce here.

Courses after B. Com to follow

  • Masters of commerce (M Com):

M-Com is the first choice of most of the graduation students after B com.

M com is not just a masters you do when you are not getting the job (as many of us think).

Pursuing a master degree after B com will make you eligible for many of the reputed jobs in big enterprises and startups.

There is always a need of analysts, College lecturer, and others. You can also apply for the Ph.D. after your post graduation.

M com is basically to pursue specialization in Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics. Statistics, Taxation, Marketing, and Management.

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA):

Hard to pursue, takes time, patience and worthy efforts from you. I admit it. But undoubtedly there is a large demand of CAs across the country.

You can lift your career exponentially as an independent or by joining any firm. You need to clear common proficiency test (CPT) to become eligible for CA after B com. You can prepare for it while B com.

  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA):

If you are planning to work for working in MNCs and for industry, this may be the right option for you. Internationally the degree is offered by the institute of management accountants (ICMA).

Internationally the degree is offered by the institute of management accountants (ICMA).

You will get a professional expertise in financial planning, decision support, and professional ethics.





CFP (Certified financial planner)

BAT (Business Accounting and Taxation)

Let’s move to some other parts.

Changing to Management

MBA (Masters of business administration):

The most favored option by the students after B com is pursuing MBA. But it’s not only you who determines your success after MBA.

You have to be in a reputed college to get a good job after MBA.

You have to qualify CAT exam with good marks to get a good college to pursue a good MBA after B Com.

And if you are in IIM (Indian institute of Management) then you will certainly fly. It will take only 2 years to complete MBA after your graduation.

Changing to IT:

  • Masters in computer application:

You can pursue masters in computer applications after B com. It needs any graduation degree with mathematics in 12th as an option to follow. MCA is a three-year degree in computer science.

Industry Courses after B Com

  • Actuarial Science:

People who like risk management and Analytic can pursue Actuarial science after graduation in commerce.

You need to understand economics as well as stats to pursue this career. As this is the new branch to pursue and only a few number of people are out there who are pursuing there is a large scope of salary as well.

Banking courses after B Com Degree

  • IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection): Many of the students try to pursue banking after graduation. It is a good career option after B com. IBPS conducts regular examinations known as CWE.

This is the gateway for various posts in several banks all over the country. the score is used by different banks in India. Now banks have stopped taking individual admission tests and IBPS exam is a common entrance exam.

you may like to know more Courses other than engineering and Medical.

Other career paths to follow after your Bachelor

Teaching and hobby based career are always open for every student.

B com students get additional benefits if the course is related to finance. Be an explorer if you are from B com and searching for a career.

There are many opportunities out there for you. Comment below to spread your knowledge and share some more courses and career options after B. com

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