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Best news anchors in India

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Best Indian News Anchors – watch and follow

News and media are playing an important role in different aspects of life and that is the reason that some News anchors made their own spaces in this industry. They are not the people here only for their business. They are providing the right information to the public. They do not afraid of saying right things. The style of those people is amazing.

I don’t know about all of them, but these are some of the good Indian news anchors I found.

Note: As I always say, this is not a ranking and these are a few. There are lots of others


1. Rohit Sardana:


Rohit is a senior anchor with more than 12 years of experience across several media channels. He is with Zee News from last 9 years. He previously worked with ETV, Sahara Samay and with AIR FM. He is known for his news show “Taal Thok Ke” (one of the best debate show on Zee News).

As part of the new and much touted Zee Media Corp production ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’, Rohit is currently producing and presenting Karmakshetra – a daily show on Zee News which highlights the report card of any one MP. This is the first and only show of its kind, where people get to ask questions directly to their MP. The idea is to cover all or, at least most constituencies before 2014 General Elections of India.
Awards:  Sansui Best News Program Award, Best News Anchor Award from Delhi Education Society, Madhav Jyoti Samman for Excellence in Journalism


2. Arnab Goswami:


Arnab is the editor-in-chief in two Indian news channels Times Now and ET News presently. A sharp, smart and straight-forward Oxford student who is known for his special debate programs in these news channels like Frankly speaking with Arnab. Arnab is the winner of Best debate anchor of Asia and many other recognitions during his career. As a 42-year-old man, he worked for different channels and newspapers. He started his career from The Telegraph (Kolkata) and then in 1995 he moved to TV news channel where he worked for DD Metro and other channels.

No bother to mention that he was one of the few news reporters who bravely spoke against the anti-national activities at first.


3. Rajat Sharma:


Sharma is the Chairman and editor in chief of India TV and the Host of his very popular shows,

Aaj ki Baat and Aap ki Adalat. He is from Delhi and belongs to a poor family. He married TV producer Ritu Dhawan.

He was acclaimed INBA entrepreneur of the year of 2009. He received Padma Bhushan award in the field of Education and Literature.



4. Sudhir Chaudhary:


Sudhir Chaudhary is a Journalist in India, Business head and editor at Zee News. He post-graduated from Indian Institute of Mass Communication after graduated from Delhi University.

He was a part of the media that covered the high-profile meeting at Islamabad between Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Pervez Musharraf after the terrorist attack on the Lo sabha in 2001. He is known for his very popular show DNA – Daily news analysis, where he analyze last some news of the week on Zee News.
There are some controversies with him like he got arrested on 27 Nov 2012.


5. Ravish Kumar:

Ravish-kumar- best-news-anchors-in-india

Ravish Kumar is an Indian writer and journalist who covers mainly Indian politics and society. He is the senior executive editor at NDTV India. He can be watched on Prime Time, Hum Log, and Ravish ki Report.
He is really smart to put right questions with his own style.

6. Shammi Narang:

Shammi-narang one of the best news anchors

Shammi is an ex-news anchor from India and an entrepreneur from Delhi.  He worked in 1970-80s for Doordarshan. Many of the new journalists are trained by him today.

This article is not biased with any circumstance and does not support any channel, party, or opinion.

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