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Career in tourism and Travel

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Career in tourism and Travel

Career in tourism motivation quote

Do you like traveling! Who doesn’t?                                                                                                                           Do you love traveling! Still a lot there to say, why not?

But have you ever thought to make a career in traveling and tours? Not only with Hotel management or as a travel guide. Even directly after your 12th or after your graduates, There are lots of fields to start your career in traveling and tourism. I will be soon talking about what it needs to be and what are some alternative ideas to start a career in traveling.

We will divide this discussion into the following subtopics:

  1. Who should make it a career choice?
  2. What are different fields to make them a career?
  3. What are the qualifications needed?
  4. Entrepreneurship in tours and travel?
  5. Other Ideas related to tourism?


Who should make it a career choice:

A person passionate about traveling and love to explore new places can choose it as a career. You need not fly around the world to make a career related to tourism and you can start from your own city or place. This field is not bound with one kind of responsibility and you have several choices to follow.

Fields you can choose as a career option:

Want to pursue a management or accounts! You can. There are lots of available courses for Diploma, Bachelors, and masters in hospitality, tourism, hotel management and in others. You can select a career in government as well as in private sectors.

Institutes from worldwide are open for different courses in this field:

Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management

Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Bhubaneswar 

Blue Whale Academy, Mumbai

These are a few names in this field, especially IITTM are government institutes which are opened to encourage students in this field. Apart from these traditional fields, you can make a career in adventure camping, travel writing, and travel consultant. Travel agents and destination experts are also in demand to select.

Qualifications to make a career in Traveling:

Is it a question! You need skills and interest more than a degree in this field. However, administration related to this industry needs graduates, post graduates as well as diploma holders to run. People involved in this fields are not actually so enthusiastic about the study but you have to have deep knowledge of different routes, destinations, history and geography which will boost the chances of success in this field. Also, you need to have smart communication skills and convincing skills in different languages. You should be open minded to achieve much in this field.Entrepreneurship in tours and travelings.


Entrepreneurship in tours and travelings:

Here is the way. You need not to work hard in office from 8-5 in this field. As we are talking about the career in travels and not about career in management and career in accounting, this field is still untouched for the optimum in entrepreneurship. There are several opportunities for entrepreneurship or self-employment in travel.

You can start your own travel agency as there is still a need for it. You can start a consultancy service in your locals and earn a lot of profits. Different entrepreneurs like Hrush Bhatt (Cleartrip) and Saurabh Jain (Founder, Padharo) are already doing a great job in this field.

If you love to write about places and journey, your website can give you a fair amount for just doing it. Also, lots of people are making money by opening hotel chains and franchises.

Different companies nowadays sponsor people and small organizations for their tours to promote themselves. You can search for such organizations and sponsors to raise fund for your travel.

Freelancing in travel is becoming so much popular in these days.

these are some useful websites for it:

Go Fund Me

Fund M travel




Other ideas: 

As I said, this field is not bound with the limitations and you have several options to pursue. You can

  1. Start a volunteer group to guide tourists in your local
  2. Start your own travel website to give information about different areas, trust me! still there is no sufficient information for lots of places.
  3. Go for meaningful travels and start raising funds for your travels.
  4. How about a youtube channel for traveling. You can earn a lot of gold coins by simply sharing your travel videos.
  5. Start thinking new ideas (A lot a remaining… you know!)

The career in tourism may not encourage to get tons of money in some cases but this is full of life, experiences and enjoy to become a traveler and explore the world. You can directly go for a career after passing 12th but it can be helpful to have a degree or some experience if you are thinking of management or enterprise in this field. Do not forget to share if you have stricken any ideas related to travel and tourism or you have any queries related to it.

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