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Career Options After Engineering – a look

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Career options after engineering

Career Options After Engineering

However in between of the 3rd or 4th year, most of the students knows what they have to do in their further but, before choosing the one you should have a look on career options after engineering.

most popular career choices after engineering are post-graduation, research-based post graduation, business, Job and etc.


1. first thing first, have you ever thought to do something about your interest. the best way to live your life is to pursue the career of your hobby Click To Tweet. It will make and keep you always happy. If you have the interest in music there are different courses you can enroll. Different reality shows are giving a platform to show your talent. You can start your own Youtube – channel and start publishing you.




Career Options After Engineering

for getting hired in good companies like google, facebook and amazon, you need not only the good technical skills even some good communication skills and other marketing skills.

here are some categories you will better understand

2.1. Marketing:

the most popular and demanding sector of employment. mostly works on the advertising and publicity of a brand. every company hires a lot of people for the only marketing purpose. you can apply for a marketing jobs directly to the companies. the best thing in the field is that it is not bounded by the salary. you will find different other sources of income together.

skills needed: 1. Good Communication

2. Good Social Relation

3. Energetic attitude

4. Passion

2.2 Related to Branch/Stream:

it is better to choose a company giving you the job for your learnt skills. It will make you more satisfied because your 4-year efforts are not gonna be waste actually. you have to have nice command on different subjects as well as you have to have some real projects to show before you are presenting yourself. for a normal job you can have more tech skills than communication but to have some more, you need it more.


3. Business:

Career Options After Engineering

family business start-ups and left the business. today half of the engineering students from IITs and NITs are thinking to become an Entrepreneur.

an entrepreneur is a person who starts and maintains the business generated or evolved from any idea. having freedom, more money or fame whatever be the reason it is an awesome way to live the life. Life will not have freedom, but it will be yours. and if you will work hard and improve your leadership this way will lead you to your dreams.


4. GATE:

the most popular exam for engineers, GATE leads you to the most popular and reputed colleges for M Tech. by scoring good marks, you will be more eligible for PSU’s (India’s biggest govt sector jobs). your good score will add stars on your profile and CV.

know why the gate is important for engineers.

Career Options After Engineering 

5. MBA/Management courses:

career choices after engineering

MBA may be the important choice for your career for a good job as well as for a good business. your MBA will formally teach you some more about that. However skills are independent of the degree, but if you are from IIM… it matters


6. Some other:

well! this is not like, you will choose anything but you have some awesome choices. Like to be a self-employed. the person earns from own for own. you can choose to be a social worker or choose to be a teacher or someone else.


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