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Couldn’t crack JEE – Don’t worry !!

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Couldn’t crack JEE – Don’t worry !!

” IIT me jaaoge to khoob paisa kamaoge. ( You’ll earn a lot if you qualify for IIT.) “

This is a sentence which is very commonly heard  by all those Indian students  who wish to become engineers  some day.  And that  too at an age when  they are learning fractions and decimals.

They are constantly reminded of the ‘phrase’ until they start believing that IIT was the thing they were born for.  Eventually a handful of students from across the country are selected  and  the majority from the rest become best friends with  ‘depression’.




So what exactly is JEE and why is IIT considered such a big thing?

JEE or ‘Joint Entrance examination’ as the majority calls it, is the entrance examination for  ‘Indian Institute of Technology ‘ (IITs),  ‘National Institute of Technology’ (NITs)‘Indian Institute of Information Technology’ (IIITs) and some other  ‘Government Funded Technical Institutions’ (GFTIs). Every year almost 12-13 lakh students appear for the entrance and only 30-40 thousand( top 2-3%)  get admissions in the above mentioned technical institutions. Thus, this low percent  intake has created a hype  for getting admissions to these prestigious institutions.


As far as the money is concerned, yes you get big offers from these places but the truth is that the placements and the huge money offers are totally student dependent. The institute can only  provide you with  a start-up and thus help  you  to give interviews  for some big companies. Rest all what you get, is based on what an individual has learnt and how much he can manipulate and recreate things.


But what if you couldn’t crack JEE? Is that the end?  Certainly NOT.


There is life beyond JEE. You can achieve all what you dreamt without it too. All the Ambanis, Adanis, Tatas, Khans, Kapoors and Rehman  are what they are because they were passionate and motivated towards what they loved and not because  they were from some big IITs.



And that is what really matters. You must pursue something which you enjoy doing and are good at and thus give yourself a better chance to excel in that. So here I am listing a few career options which you can choose apart from engineering :


1) Coding and Animation:



If you love solving mathematical problems and want to learn how to use them in a more efficient way, then you must really give a try to coding. You can do your ‘Bachelor of Computer Application’ (BCA) and join an IT firm as a coder at a handsome salary. The scope and money in this profession is limitless and depends on how much the person can stretch himself. In addition, to this if you think that  you are creative enough and can visualize your thoughts, then you can use your coding skills to do some wonderful animations you couldn’t have ever imagined.  You can recreate a whole world of yours and give others a chance to  peek into your thoughts.


2) Teaching  :


All those who think that they can explain things in a pretty manner, teaching is what you must really pursue. The scope of teaching is not only in India but worldwide. For this you can simply do a ‘Bachelor of Science’ (B.Sc.) from a decent college and can try your luck in coaching and other reputed teaching jobs. You can do bachelors in some other stream of your interest too . What better can you do by guiding the young minds across the world?


3) Music, Dance and Theatre  :


In the last 20 years or so the scope of music, dance and theatre has reached new limits. If you really think that you have the potential and love for such  things, then you must give them a try. These genres  are internationally recognized and can provide you with money as well as recognition and fame. They definitely require a lot of hard-work and dedication but eventually will get you  the desired results.


4) Sports :


Like the theatre industry, this industry has also boomed in recent past. Since the commercialisation of sports at the national and international level, (that is the introduction of leagues like IPL, ISL, IBL and Pro Kabaddi ) sports like cricket,  football,  badminton, kabaddi and a few others have attracted masses across the country and thus have taken sports to another level. They have transformed young teenagers into overnight sensations. If you really think you have the talent then, why wait?


In the end I’d like to summarise my point simply by saying  that do not waste your life in proving a point to someone.  You know yourself better than anyone. Do what you love, do what you’re good at, do what gives you happiness. Life is given to you only once, it’s what you make it.


Hopefully, this article can help you decide the right path. CHOOSE WISELY!



Thank you.









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