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Courses Other Than Engineering and Medical

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10 Top courses you can choose other than Engineering and Medical

Courses Other Than Engineering and Medical

Do not want to be an engineer or just confused?

you need not to be!

Here is the list of some great courses other than medical and engineering.


1. Business and Management courses:

Nowadays, many students pursue management courses for different programs. Management courses are offered by the institutes at undergraduate, postgraduate degree/diploma levels and doctorate level. After completing these professional courses, one can join corporate houses and different multinational companies. Various job opportunities are also available in government sector for degree/diploma courses holders.



2. Language learning courses:

The trend of foreign language learning is increasing nowadays. Different degree, Diploma courses are available for the different foreign languages.

This type of courses opens the path for working in abroad as well as in India.

From private tourism to different govt sectors, all are having good career scopes with these skills.

Good universities like JNU and BHU are dedicated to give quality education in different language courses.


3. Animation and modeling Courses:

Apart from being a computer science engineer if you are much enthusiastic about cartoons and games like Chhota bheem, counter strike or IGI , you can enroll in diploma and/or degree courses in these fields.

Apart from that, you can learn it on your own. There are different online certified courses also available in graphics, designing, and animation.

Blender: this is a free animation software you can use it to learn on your own. Different good websites and some colleges like IIT BOMBAY and some other IITs and NITs are working in this field.

Register for free Animation course from IITBombayX: here

Know more

4. Research-Based courses:

Some very good colleges like IISc and IISER are involved with different research based courses. You can choose these courses. This will lead to the world of dedicated service to the nation in different scientific researches and innovation.

Central Funded Research Institute of India


5. Yoga and Health related courses:

The trend of Yoga and Health related courses is increasing nowadays worldwide. You can take the professional degree from different organisations across the Nation and work independently or with any organisation. The scope of these courses is accepted worldwide.

Health Care wiki


6. Small business development courses:

If you are a more practical person and now getting bored with the theories of study

you can think to sharpen your skills in the other way.

If you want to work on the ground, IIE (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP) and NIE (National Institute of Entrepreneurship) can be good options. They also provide the necessary skills and help to start a small scale business.

Skill development and IIE

Courses Other Than Engineering and Medical dream

7. pursue your hobby:

Lots of students nowadays leave their study in the middle of engineering to find their real interest. If you have also that kind of passion and have a strong background support, you can also apply for academies of your interest.

It may be

1. Art

2. Singing or Dance

3. Sports

4. Parkour and Martial art

and much more…

8. Tourism and Travel:

Courses related to tourism and travel are gaining popularity. From diploma to degree courses are available in different institutes.Tourism will definitely be a strong career in upcoming days.

Indian Institute of tourism and travel management


9.Best of Retail Management:

As the cities are increasing, the retail sector is getting it’s virtue. Even today, nearly 8% of total GDP of India is related to direct retail management.

Different courses from D to A* level are available today in which you can enroll to be a part of this great Industry.




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