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How to Approach and Crack BHU Entrance Exam (PET)

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BHU Introduction


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Formerly called the ‘Central Hindu College’, Banaras Hindu University was founded in 1916 and currently has more than 30,000 students under various programs. BHU’s main campus spreads over 1300 acres while the south campus is even bigger with 2700 acres of land currently under acquisition.

The general breakdown of the university framework will reveal 6 institutions with 14 streams and 140 departments. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, along with various other educationists, started this institution as they believed that poverty can only lose through the hands of education.

Being one of the top universities of India, Banaras Hindu University is located in Varanasi and operates as the public central university under UGC. It is Asia’s largest residential university with 75 hostels for students of more than 34 countries.

BHU offers admissions through various university level exams, out of which PET (stands for Postgraduate Entrance Test) is the only way to enter masters level courses namely M.A, M.Com, and M.Sc at the university.

Here are some important points to keep in mind while planning to appear for BHU PET.

  • For Master of Arts (specialization) / Master of Commerce, a candidate needs to have a completed bachelor’s degree in relevant subject. This includes full 3-year courses with not less than 50% marks in all subjects.
  • For Master of Arts (social sciences), a candidate must have passed B.A or B.Com with not less than 50% marks from a recognized university.
  • For Master of Science, a candidate must have scored more than 50% marks in science subjects of his/her B.Sc or B.Sc Hons.

After you find yourself eligible for any of the above-given stream, filling up the online form comes as the next step. Remember, you need to have one digital passport sized photograph with you before you start filling the form.

Application fee procedure will be mentioned in the next step.

After all of this comes to an end, you will later get the admit card in online form only. Download the same and keep it safe as it is the only way to enter the examination hall at your selected city.

BHU PET is a paper-pen based test that carries 120 questions of 3 marks each. This makes PET a 360 mark test paper that also has 1 mark deducted for each wrong answer.

Marking more than one option will also result in the deduction of 1 mark as that answer will automatically be considered wrong. The test includes nothing other than those subjects that were included in your bachelor level studies.

The test includes nothing other than those subjects that were included in your bachelor level studies.

Being a Top University, preparations for BHU PET will take lot more following your regular study patterns. Here are some ways through which you could have a stress free preparation plan for Postgraduate Entrance Test.

How to Crack BHU Entrance Exam (PET)

  • Start early

You have a lot of knowledge that you gradually gained in last three years but all of that will come into action in those two hours. Start studying early as that will not let the concepts mix within your mind.

You now have limited time to go through the same syllabus that took you three full years to complete. Revise your concepts, remember as much as possible and look forward to the next step of preparation.

  • Solve last year’s question papers

They are available online and need no more than few minutes to download. You can test your knowlegde and side by side, get an idea of how the exam will look in real life.

You can even get the answer key to those question papers and see where you stand within the difficulty level of exams that came in last few years. This is even better than buying test papers that may even have some non-relevant question in mock test papers.

  • Learn time management

Solving one question will leave with an average of just 1 minute. This means you can safely earn 3 marks within a minute or lose 1 mark from the last earned 3 marks, which further means just 2 marks in two minutes.

Understand this difference of earning 6 marks and two marks through time management. Attempt all those questions first that you feel are 100 percent correct as that will leave you with plenty of time to select which ones to risk and how much to lose.

  • Avoid getting stuck

Getting stuck on a single question for more than a minute means you are losing more marks by avoiding questions with direct answers. The high number of questions demand equal time distribution or if better, buffer time for tough questions that is earned from the easy ones.

If you feel that a certain question will take time, leave it at the end and move on to another than can be answered within few seconds.


These were the most important tips to crack BHU PET Entrance exam. Keeping all these things handy can help you crack Banaras Hindu University PET in the first attempt.

They have limited number of seats for each department and getting a good score can only secure your admission in this century old prestigious institution.

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