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English Project Topics and Ideas for Students and Teachers

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I was searching for some good English project ideas for my brother’s homework a few days ago. It was very surprising that I didn’t find any one particular website which was providing enough resources and links to help students in doing so.

Well, finally I did my own research and reached to some of the greatest resources about English projects which I am going to share with you.

Also, I am providing some other websites which helped me to complete my own project. I hope, they will work for you too.

English Project Topic Ideas

When I was searching, I was only interested in grammar project ideas. But people find difficulty in finding literature projects as well. So let’s start from that.

Please scroll a little bit more to visit grammar projects ideas part if you are a student of middle school (class 3-7) or high school (class 7-12).

English Literature Project Topics

  • Issues In Modern Indian Literature
  • Modern Poetry and Its Transformation
  • Discourse Analysis of Swami Vivekananda
  • A feminist reading of a Novel
  • Literature Criticism
  • Themes in any imaginary poems
  • Ancient Text analysis of Gita, Bible or any other one
  • A Stylistic Analysis
  • Emotional reading analysis of any story

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How to find a good project idea?

We all are the creatures of habits and thoughts. When we start thinking about a scene, topic or anything our mind takes it into its imagination and gives more and more ideas about it.

So the first thing to do is, selecting a broad area of your interest. For example, poetry, novel, criticism or anything else coming in your mind.

Now write down some random topics, authors or anything coming in your mind on the paper. You should not bother about the worth of any word while writing. That’s the way I have seen people writing stories and books.

After wEnglish project topicsriting 100s of random project ideas which are somehow your originals you may observe and think about them one by one. You can create the map of all these words to give some sense or organize them in a proper way.

Sticky Color notes and memo pads are the best options to do this task. They really work better than rough copies and also enhance creativity.

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English Grammar Project Ideas for Students and Teachers

Here comes the tricky part! most of the ideas you are thinking about have already been implemented or your friend would be thinking about. As I said earlier, if you are sincere about your English project, Pinterest is the great place to start with. As they call themselves, the catalog of ideas. You will get hundreds of ideas to work upon.

Here are some of the ideas you may like to work upon.

Suitable for middle school and high school students. (Class 5th to 12th according to Indian classification)

  • According to synonyms.com, You can start with social networking and board games for English exhibitions. It is also a good way for teachers to start with. Since students take more interest in games and social media, the inclusion of these will generate their interest in the topic.
  • Grammar Flipbook
  • British vs American English Differences
  • Subjects and Predicate
  • Google English Translation analysis (large)
  • Create your own Ideas

Take this example. You can make any flip-book, board or small diary like this. It may be funny, informational or creative (story or poem).

Source: 9gag.com

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Resources to Find Interesting English Project Ideas and Topics



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