How to prepare for JEE - Mains(not for JEE - Advance)

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How to prepare for JEE – Mains(not for JEE – Advance)

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How to prepare for JEE- Mains(not for JEE – Advance)?


Image credits: The Hindu

Image credits: The Hindu


How to prepare for JEE without coachings in a short time?

Is it you are really searching for? Or what will be the reason for reading this post up to the bottom?


Less than 2 months are remaining for JEE MAINS  exams and I hope you are thinking about a short revision or a kind of crash course before it, or maybe you haven’t prepared enough yet, but you too are going to take the exams! right.

Actually! If we do not consider the myths about the exams, you are having more than enough time to prepare for JEE – Mains 2016.

If you are still wondering then give some short answer

You can say that you are having enough time for preparation if

  1. You have got more than 60% in your pre-board exams or equivalent.
  2. You have completed minimum 50% of board preparation.
  3. You are confident of getting more than 60% in Board exams.

As I said if you do not consider the myth and anyone of your answers is yes, then be confident and go through the post, and if not still go through it because

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#Why you should not wait for 2017 JEE – Mains?

  1. Unknown Pattern: Everything, this time, is known to you. You can start preparation and easily secure a seat in NIT or IIIT. Nobody knows what will happen next and if there will be some changes in pattern or anything you might become disappointed.
  2. Regular Fee Hike: Fee is regularly increasing and thus decreasing the chances of getting in good colleges for a middle-class student. Click To Tweet Last year Fee Hike was for 200% from last to last year so this is not going to become a good deal for parents.

#Are you ignoring Organic:

Organic chemistry will be the most amazing part of the paper. If you are having good command over it, you can make great differences in the paper. Where some people will find it so hard, some will solve those questions and will take a grace for that.


#Why chemistry creates differences Click To Tweet:

Chemistry is the most scoring paper, as people say. Although it never happened to me because I loved physics. But for most of the people, it is relatively easy. If you find physics as your best subject then you must go and focus on chemistry. I found a lot of people referring chemistry as their weak subject and that makes paper hell for them. Chemistry is little different from physics and maths and so create differences in the exam.


#Books and other drugs:

  • Do not go for any other book before NCERT. And as I said you are having less time so start solving problems. Take help from ABC’s/SChand or any other guide only when you are facing trouble. Understand concepts completely if you find a question in last year. Most of the questions are similar in concepts but differs in pattern and presentation.
  • As everyone says and I too will say that #HCVerma for physics is best. I have never found such a beautiful book. But take care while preparing because you have to complete the syllabus. And most importantly first do the questions and NCERT.


#Why you should take care of internet:

Do not get me wrong. The Internet is full of things and you will find a lot of answers here but

everyone understands the concept in his/her own way and they try to make you understand in their way. If you find two different tutorials for the same concept either you will find it hard to understand or you will mix things after 2 months, I bet. So choose some person who matches to your frequency and learns from him/her. It will help you undoubtedly to have someone to make you understand things and it will save your time too.


#Maths and Physics:

Both are undoubtedly great subject and can give you a surprise if you start loving them. Yes! you have to love them, not just study. If you are facing a fear from any of them, it is not going to end well.

#Making a timetable will help Click To Tweet:

It is so hard but necessary if you are taking it so seriously and nothing beats best time study. Best time study means studying in your favorite time. It may be so early or in late night. But I used to prefer morning because after 15 hard days you will find it so easy to get concepts.

The most important benefit of studying early is you don’t have a rush of the whole day. You start fresh and first thing of the day is your book.


#Keep them away:

So tough but it is time to make ANYONE away who can make it so hard to prepare. Even they are Sooo Loving to you. Hold on, Getting into a good college will increase your happiness. It also includes your mobile, TV and mirror. You know your distractions, better than me. Isn’t.


#All about a believe:

Do not care a single word if it is negative. Do not trust anyone who doubts. Trust yourself. It’s so hard but do it. Just for these days and just start working so hard. If it is feeling so hard then start your countdown for upcoming 4 months, but do not miss that chance.


#Where to start from:

Make a plan (Hard but yet flexible) for next 2 months. make a routine and start it fresh. Try working more than written. Try to complete things in 2.5 or fewer months. and most importantly remember these things. the easiest way of that is to write 2 dates on your wall, one is of the exam and one is of the date, you are planning to complete the course.




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