I want to become a pilot

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I want to become a pilot – where to start

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Where to Start – If you want to become a pilot?

Do you want to become a pilot?

flying high in the ocean of dreams, in an open sky. A job of dedication, passion, and adventure. Becoming a pilot is not so easy. But nothing is impossible if you can work for it.

I want to become a pilot

before jumping for the all other details and information, I think you should know about these important things

#What are the prerequisites to become a pilot?

1. Can you take a better and immediate decisions

2. Are you not afraid of heights

3. Do you really love the wings

if all the answers are in YES…

let us move to the next

#Education for becoming a pilot

I want to become a pilot

1. however, the degree is not necessary for every post, but it is always better to have a bachelor degree before applying for a job.

2. Aircraft engineering and Aeronautical engineering courses will be beneficial for you.

3. Experience needed is 300+ hours of flight experience for commercial pilot’s license, 1,500 hours of flight time for an airline transport pilot certificate.

4.  Excellent communication, immediate action taking skill, excellent problem-solving and strong decision taking skills are some of the key points for the career.

5. Technical skills are needed like, the ability to use a radio, run pre-flight checks and monitor engine and hydraulic systems. Ability to operate aircraft computer and navigation systems

6. The pilot is retired after 65 and must be 18+ in age, with a good health and strong eye and ear power.

7. You have to pass a written exam before getting the certificate apart from all of the criteria mentioned above, so you must have a good mathematics and knowledge also.

there are a lot of academies today to give you the right way toward this amazing and rich career.

You can expect a wealthy, thrilling and prestigious career by becoming a pilot.

#for more

here are some links which may help you

1. IIST: for Aeronautical Engineering

2. Learn in Europe: Flying Academy

3. Licencing: Falcon Aviation

4. details of government colleges and clubs (entrance exams)





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