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Internet safety for teens – Important for students

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Internet safety is becoming a huge concern for Teens, students and for parents. Even the adults are not completely safe from internet threats.

If you love surfing websites, watching videos and scrolling Facebook? You may be under threat. The study says 70% of the internet users are under some kind of surveillance or threat. It is really important to know how to use internet and how to be remain safe while using it.

It is really important to know how to use the internet and how to remain safe while using it. Here is a complete discussion on internet safety for teens and kids and rule guide to follow while you use the internet.

The Internet is an amazing way to connect with friends, shopping online, sending and receiving money or doing many things. But at the same time, there can be many things which can be happened to you and you have never expected.

Someone may steal your identity and can use it in some illegal works. Someone can use your pictures and will show it in an unwanted manner (especially for girls). He (She) may bully you online or even offline after knowing your residence.

Someone may steal your identity and can use it in some illegal works. Someone can use your pictures and will show it in an unwanted manner (especially for girls). He (She) may bully you online or even offline after knowing your residence.

online safety by incognito mode

Important points to know before knowing about internet safety

  1. Web sites like Facebook and google have every information about you. There can be many people who can steal your identity from there. You should use them very carefully.
  2. Your browser and device can be tracked to your exact location only when you are online.
  3. The websites can open your camera, microphone and other files/apps when you are using them. You can check background processes and applications regularly.
  4. Unwanted things can get downloaded while downloading software or files into your device. You should better keep eye on your downloads.
  5. Government and some other websites always watch us when we use the internet so there is no place where no one can see you on the internet. They may never know who you are, but they can always find your existence.
  6. Your internet service providers can track your online activities and things you share on the internet if they want. (but this is illegal).
  7. There is an incognito mode in good browsers which will help you to never save your passwords and activities on your browser (but it will not make you invisible)
  8. Whatever you have posted on internet never vanishes once it is written. Even after you delete the information it can be retrieved if needed.

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Internet safety tips for every Teen and kid to follow

I was travelling in the bus when someone called me and said: “Your bank ATM is now blocked and we need more information to open it again“. He claimed himself as vice-president of “ALL INDIA ATM ORGANIZATION” (it doesn’t exist in reality…lol). It was a great fun talking to him as I was aware of this kind of fraud.

Here are the important things to follow

  • Talk to the strangers very carefully.
  • Never ever visit adult and suspicious websites in your mobile devices as they are more vulnerable.
  • Never ever share important passwords and never keep them even in drafts.
  • Always use a proxy while using internet websites which are supposed to have adult material and torrents.
  • Use better password i.e. ILOVENEHA, ADMIN, myemail@  are weak passwords. use something which is random and contain numbers and special characters i.e. 43re3E@31ff is a good password.

Always use some proxy while surfing sensitive materials and when you don’t want to be tracked.

I recommend using premium zen mate proxy service as it has many advantages. 

You can sign up for a free account at first and try to check your location. The free account is limited to speed and locations but premium services are cheap and provide great security.
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Final Internet safety (security) rule book for every teen and kid while using the internet

  • Use good antivirus software for your mobile and computer.

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  • Use proxy services to be anonymous while using the internet.
  • Never shareantivirus on amazon your password details on chats or emails to anyone (yes! not to your friends too)
  • Never trust anyone who is asking for your password, address and birthday without any reason.
  • Never share your bank details on any website until and unless you trust it fully.
  • Spend money on good software and be safe. Most of the pirated software share your information with the other parties.
  • Don’t share much information on every website except your email and name. they may sell your information.
  • It is not very easy to hack someone until you are on the same network with the attacker so don’t be panic. Take care of yourself while using public WiFi in airports, malls and railway stations.
  • There is always someone who is watching you Click To Tweet so don’t do something which causes trouble. It is not very tough to get tracked for an illegal activity.
  • Ads are not spam you are safe on websites which show ads but don’t use websites with so much redirection.

Final note on online safety for teenager kids and students

The Internet is a good thing if and only if we know how to use it properly. Internet fraud and hack can happen to anyone on the internet. There can be many ways to threaten you and stealing your information on the internet. Every detail about you is important and can be used against you. There are many agencies in the world which are regularly tracking nearly every device in the world we will never know their names. We can only be safe by using the internet smartly and knowing more about it.

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