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Legal: How to earn money when you are in school;

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Want to earn along with your study?

There are many ways by which you can earn money while you are in college or school. The time’s long gone when people used to think that they need degrees and jobs before making money. There are various opportunities for everyone out there by which he can not only earn pocket money, but also become a self-independent student.

Today I will be talking about the best ways to earn money which you can follow when you are in school and find how simple it is for every student.

  • Sell your Old books: 

The old formula of selling second-hand books still works. There are lots of students who want to buy your books for their next year. Don’t waste your books by throwing them away or leaving them in corner of your room.  If you want to know more about some ideas to sell your books, keep reading:

How to earn money in school by selling your books:

  1. You need a stall or online platform for selling it. Also, there might be some sellers present in your town who will purchase second-hand books from you and will give you a good amount of money for them.
  2. You can use OLX, QUICKER and lots of other platforms to sell and promote your books.
  3. Remember, you should not set the prices very high or no one will purchase books from you. The best prices will depend on the condition of the book and will nearly 40% of the market price.
  • Start your own blog:

    • Blogging about your favourite things can make you a professional blogger soon. You can earn 200 Rs (3$) per day to 2000 per day only by writing about your favourite things.
    • Blogging will help you to think more creatively.
    • While writing your blogs you will be likely knowing many new things you were never aware of.
  • Printing your magazines:

    • If you are good at Photoshop or GIMP (free software like Photoshop) you can print your magazine and collect sponsorship from local shopkeepers and vendors for it.
  • Help someone else:

    • Shocked! Yes, you can earn money by helping someone else. Help others in their study or something he can not do and take money for it. You can teach tuition to your classmates and juniors and get paid well.
  • Start writing codes:

    • You can learn how to write code and start solving computer programming problems. You can start earning well if you have a strong problem-solving skill and good programming hands in any language. This will lead you to a bright career ahead.


Still not satisfied. I have mentioned all top ways to earn money in school above but there are thousand more. Take some time. Think about what you can learn and then remove L (EARN). There are thousands of students in different countries who are doing the same. Don’t think what people will say or anything else. If you need it you should go for it. Earning money from an early age is not a wrong thing.

Even if your parents are fulfilling your all wishes, you will enjoy more when you will have your own money and will pay your fee from yourself.

If you have any other idea about earning money while schooling, write in comments below or mail me. I will definitely add it.

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