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Morning motivational quotes – Veda Life Quotes

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                      Morning motivational quotes for success – Veda Life Quotes

morning veda life quotes


motivational quotes for the morning – Veda Life Quotes

We owe a lot to Indians, Who taught us to count, without which no worth while scientific discoveries could have been made.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Einstein

From the old times, different Indian Scriptures are teaching to the humanity. All world came to India to learn from the Vedas and Upanishads. This unique collection from Veda will definitely inspire you and grow your knowledge.

Vedas are classified in four categories:

a) Rig Vega

b) Yajur Veda

c) Sama Veda

d) Atharva Veda

All the different Veda have their own ocean of knowledge and power…

  • Light in the form of knowledge is capable of destroying the darkness of ignorance. By acquiring knowledge we can overcome all the difficulties and become successful in all of our works.


  • Benevolent and liberality make a man happy. The person will always increase his wealth by doing so.


  • we are always engaged in a war. Life is full of strife. It is therefore in the best interest of one and all to take part in the war without desiring anything. A life devoid of strife is a life devoid of happiness and realization. One realizes the significance of happiness only after pain. Therefore, our aim should be to take part in the war and strive selflessly to be victorious.

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  • Improve your speech and speak only the truth. One should always speak softly and distinctly. The Audiences are always attracted towards those who are fluent and speak good things.


  • The person who is blessed with innumerable capabilities is respected and honored. We should become diligent so that we achieve all our desired goals. We can become successful only on the basis of our capabilities and oriented efforts.


  • Every person becomes successful corresponding to his or her limits and capabilities. Capabilities should be honed or sharpened so that they help in removing all the obstacles and impediments on the path towards our goal.


  • We should dare each and everything and should not hesitate to sacrifice ourselves in the maelstrom of life. Without orienting ourselves, we cannot expect to be victorious. Therefore, the struggle for attainment of truth shall unequivocally yield good benefits.


  • The people who live disciplined lives accomplish all their duties without obstacles and do them easily. By doing so one can achieve a lot of success scholars should guide all to lead disciplined lives.


  • If the body is unhealthy then it cannot enjoy any happiness. Therefore, one should maintain good health by taking balanced diet, exercise and by reading good literature.


  • The past has been passed, it will not come again. If we learn from the past we will not fear for our future, so every man should work fearlessly without worrying about past and future.

motivational quotes for the morning – Veda Life Quotes

motivational quotes for the morning - Veda Life Quotes






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