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Motivational movies for students – Inspirational cinema

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Motivational movies for students

Best inspirational movies students

Movies play a significant role in our day-to-day life, and students are from the biggest fans of movies. Almost every student watch movies of different genre. While searching for a movie on torrent a question stocked in my mind that if there are some good movies for students? I always love to see movies based on suspense, struggles and success stories and I know you too.

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Here is the list I found for the best inspirational movies every student should watch, and feel free to add anyone else.

  • The Social network (2010): Guess, what is this all about. A student from Howard university starts a website from his little dorm with a small idea and starts breaking the limits of success. The story of transforming a life from an odd behavior person to a multi-billionaire. The story of Mark Zuckerberg and The Facebook is explained in this movie.


  • 3 Idiots: The story of 3 friends studying engineering in a reputed college in India. The story tells about the outdated education system in developing countries like India and gives a message to become able instead of running behind the success. An inspiring movie from Bollywood based on the story written by Chetan Bhagat.
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  • The Pursuit of Happiness: The Pursuit of Happiness is about a salesman who undergoes challenges and defeats (his wife leaving him, being rendered homeless, failing to secure a single pie) to secure a better living for his son. But in the journey, he never thinks to give up, even when nothing remains. He works hard and reaches where he actually belongs. An incredible story of the dream, hard work, and invalidating the destiny. It will motivate you to work hard until we reach the goal.


  • The Karate Kid:  A 12-year weak boy bullied by some students learns Kung-Fu, and wins the challenge. But the story is more than that. A journey of true dedication, hard work and getting what we want, even when it looks impossible. The story also tells about a role of a teacher in life. A must watch for everyone.

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  • Kung-Fu Panda:

An animation movie but not only for children. The story of a fat Panda who always lives in the dream of being a Kung-Fu master in his life. Once reaches to see a function in his valley and then everything changes. Lots of scenes to inspire and great dialogs with the mixture of inspiration and humor makes this an amazing creation of DreamWorks animation. Three parts of the series are released till now.

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So, should I say it Only for students? Movies here are really great and everyone should watch them. A lot is remaining and don’t be shy in writing them below.


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