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How to Prepare for NEET Exam – Useful Tips

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NEET is the first craze for every medical aspirant in India. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is conducted every year by CBSE in India to take admissions in various medical colleges for MBBS and BDS courses.

Since the competition in NEET feels like a nightmare to many students. Here we are discussing some of the most useful tips you should always remember while preparation.

What should be the right strategies to choose from? The question which is sucking most of the students’ heads again and again.

Fortunately, there are some secret tips to boost up your performance. These tricks will work with every routine, every roadmap and every preparation strategy you are are opting for NEET exam preparation.

Important Tips for every NEET Aspirant

All right!

Let’s have a look and make sure if you are implementing each one of them while you prepare for NEET exam.

Make Proper Routine for NEET exam

One of the most common mistake students do in their preparation time is not making a good routine.

If you are still giving excuses and not following a proper routine, make sure to stop it immediately. Make a proper routine, timetable and make sure to give enough flexibility while making it.

Do Regular Performace Check

Let me ask you someone thing! Suppose you are traveling to your mother’s home. While you are driving your car, you are enjoying the weather out there. It’s beautiful sunny day and the mild air touching your cheeks. You are aware that you have to reach before it will be too late. What will help you to take a decision that you should increase your speed or not?

You guessed it!

Milestone. Which is showing you the remaining distance. Likewise, while you prepare for NEET, you should prepare a regular performance diary. Write what you have done till now. Are you getting distracted? Are you regular with your study? and every other single important question which concerns you about your exam.

Decide: Self-Study or Coaching?

I was in Kota! What about you? If you are preparing for NEET with the self-study alone. You are doing a great job. Make sure you stick to a proper study plan.

There are so many reasons to easily lose focus in this case. But it doesn’t matter at the end. There are nearly 54% of the students qualified last year who didn’t take any coaching while their preparation.

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Students from coaching institutes should focus on study material very seriously. The questions in good institutes are very well researched and explained in detail. Try solving each and every one of them.

Use the Internet Carefully

Are you wasting so much time on Quora, facebook and on twitter? Or do you think the internet is a waste?

In both the cases, you are mistaking.

Use the internet properly. Or better if you set a proper time to use the internet in your timetable. Don’t Waste your time talking to the friends about your preparation. Focus on your target. Most of the facebook study groups will eat your time as people gossip there and start making friends (and don’t study). Well! Some are good as well.

It is all up to you. Better if you focus on preparation first and rest everything later.

Join some good websites and forums. The discussion there will be much useful. Visit them regularly. Make a surrounding where people inspire you to work harder.

Get Good Resources for Preparation

Do you know the dull paper increases stress in your eyes, good pens boosts up your performance and right books will lead you to the success.

Select the right pens for your exams. Cheaper, long lasting and which will not fool you in the exam. Practice with the pen you are going to use in your NEET exam. It’s important!

Select some Good Preparation Books for NEET. Don’t run behind so many books. It’s the concept, not the book which matters on the day of examination. Practice hard, very hard. Get used to with each type of question which may come.

Set Timing for Your Study: Early Morning?

What do you think, will be right for you? It’s fine if you feel comfortable to study in the late nights. Or better if you will wake up early. It will be hard to wake up early and focus on the day of the exam if you don’t have the habit of waking up early from the beginning. That’s why you are suggested to wake up early in the morning. Otherwise, it’s fine even if you want to study in the late nights as well.

Make Proper Revision Plan

Have you made a proper revision plan?

We all forget 80% of the things after reading them for the first time. It’s ok if you forget things easily. Make a weekly, monthly and 3-month roundup revision plan for yourself. Take self-tests, evaluate and be confident.

This is a great way which even most of the good students ignore as well. Take advantage over them with a good revision routine while you prepare for NEET exam.

Be Always Motivated for Study

Motivation is important. It works like an energy capsule. Reading good thoughts in the morning will also help you to keep yourself motivated. Even a single negative thought is harmful while you prepare for NEET. If people around you are negative. Don’t live among them. If things are wasting your time, leave them.

Stay motivated and calm. it’s important.

Maintain your health. Yoga and Meditation are the best way to do so.

Be with the people who inspire you. Talk to them when you feel low and exhausted.

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