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How to prepare for JEE Main and Advance 2017

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Planning for Joint Entrance Exam 2017, Here is the some thing important to know before and meanwhile of your study

There are more than 10 Lacs of students like you, who are dreaming about same colleges, same careers like yours by taking JEE Mains or Advance 2017. But you should not be worried about it.


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Since you have the opportunity to read this, I want to make you clear about certain things.

  1. It is totally feasible and easy to crack JEE 2017 only by working hard (so smart) and by following rules. I will tell you in few moments.
  2. After reading this guide, you will be able to know what should be your plans for cracking JEE 2017? How much time should you devote every day to crack exams? What to read and what not to.
  3. You have to have different plans but not different things to do


Great people do not do different things, they do things differently.


There are lots of things which are going to be  changed in 2017:

The board criteria: according to the news, HRD minister has already cleared that the board marks will not be the factor for considering the ranks of the students in 2017. This is the great news for every student who has not performed well in the last Joint entrance exam 2016.

Nothing has changed for Advance 2017:

You have to be in top 20 percentile of your board exams or score more than 75% in general category. (65% in SC category).


Three type of candidates for JEE:

  1. Who are in 12th and had preparation in 11th class: You are some relaxed, aren’t you. The things will be the pieces of cake if you will work sincerely and focus on your 12th subjects. But the most important factor will be, the revision, for you.
  2. Who are in 12th but did some wrong in 11th: You are in little trouble, but you only have to focus on this article for next few minutes.
  3. Who are dropping out after 12th: Even if you haven’t studied anything conceptual up to 12th. You can focus completely on the preparation. But things will be hazardous if you will not follow the guide, as I have met lots of students who made some dangerous mistakes.

 jee mains advance 2017 preparation

The plan comes first:

Franklin once said If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’

A better and disciplined plan will keep you engaged every day and will not waste your time during preparation. So make your best plan. Do not forget to include proper breaks, meditation, exercise, and gossips.

Of course, I can not make the plan for you and no one else should do it. You know best about yourself and you will do it best.

Also don’t be panic, if you will not be able to follow your plan completely. Be happy if you will follow it more than 80%. It happens with everyone.

Some important factors while making a plan, can be:

  1. Waking up early in the morning
  2. Do not use facebook: Yes! please do not trust those who count benefits of social media, at least for this year. You can use the same time in gossiping with real friends around you.
  3. Exercise, proper food, revision management, and listening songs (or music).


Revision Management for JEE exam 2017:

After a good plan, or in the meanwhile, the next important thing is revision plan. You forget 30% of the things after 1 hr you study it for the first time. 20% of the things in next 1 day and 40% of the remaining in next 1 week. So the best way to remember things for long is to revise them. Every day, every week and every month.

Smart students have certain qualities which they do not tell everyone. They do visit everything they study every night before sleeping. They revise every important thing in the weekends. And of course, they do a brief revision in every month.

Have you read this!: Best books for JEE entrance exam

Books to select for JEE Mains (Advance – 2017):

However there are different opinions on books selection, but it actually depends on how much you are clear about the concepts. For example, H C Verma for physics is a bible, if your concepts are not clear. You should go through its every chapter (from syllabus) and solve the numerical.


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Irodov is also one of the books you may consider. R D Sharma in mathematics is also good. But the best way is to follow your teacher and what he/she says.


Attitude matters everywhere:

Am I taking about Mains or the Advance! No, I am talking about every situation.


If you are working hard, you are clearing your doubts, you are doing whatever is needed then who will get success. of course You.


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Do not prepare to qualify exam:

Always remember that you are not preparing to qualify the exam. Prepare to do your best. And doing best is your attitude. It comes slowly. It takes time. Probably your best is not IIT-B or NIT W. but it should be your best.

Life is way far than just a college. It’s not your aim of life. Life will start after entering in college. So do not get demoralised. Do not get demotivated.

If you are in 12th: I have seen so many faces who ruined JEE exams as well as the board by planning wrongly or by the wrong discipline. So beware and work sincerely.

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Tips for JEE Mains and ADVANCED preparation:

  1. Do make friends, share thoughts with them
  2. Do not fall into the trap of coaching businesses. Select your institute wisely and work smart.
  3. Work according to the plan. keep it somewhere so that your eyes fall onto it most of the time.
  4. Stay healthy: giving one hr to health will not take anything but your illness will take your months and will effect you seriously
  5. Do not loose focus.
  6. Do not get distracted: By you know what I am talking about.
  7. Clear your doubts.
  8. Leave social media
  9. Love, respect teachers and be hungry to learn new things
  10. Watch good videos, stay inspired and keep smiling.

JEE is an important yet highly competitive exam for engineering. Only with a right attitude, a smart plan and hard work, you will crack it with the high marks.

Remember the date of JEE 2017 will be only one and it will never come again in your life. So work, take the exam and celebrate your success.

You are doing very well. You made sacrifices. Now take some time to appriciate yourself

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