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Singapore, a great place for fine arts education

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Education plays a crucial role in the development of each and every human being. Along with the traditional learning process, fine art education is also getting compulsory in schools and colleges. Fine art is the cultural heritage all over the countries. It includes education related to music, dance, theatre and visual arts. It is necessary for the overall development of a student in an effective and creative manner. It helps in developing fine motor skills and improving emotional and physical balance in a student, enhances perceptual and cognitive skills, promotes self-esteem and shares various cultures in a diversified manner. An effective education in fine arts helps students to stretch their mind beyond boundaries and build new pyramids to face challenges.  The passionate lovers choose it as a professional career.

Fine Art Courses:

Students who are studying in Singapore and are attached to their roots in India can pursue various certified courses in fine arts. Various leading institutes in Singapore are providing diploma and degree courses in fine arts.

NUS (National University Of Singapore):

This university is one of the world’s highly ranked universities in Singapore. It provides the comprehensive education in humanities and arts stream. It has 17 departments, 20 major subjects, a host of minor programmes and a Centre for Language Studies which offer both Asian and European languages.


It offers courses in music-making and also courses for professional music education. This university also provides courses for Indian dance along with Indian musical instruments. Professional gurus are hired to give training to the students for classical Indian dance and music. It also offers a degree program in classical western music. Students who want to enrol in an undergraduate program, admissions will be based on bidding for some modules. These modules can be classroom based (Western Music in a Singaporean Context) or context based (Introduction to Electronic Music).

  • Asian studies
  • Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Languages
  • Multidisciplinary Programmes

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum eligibility for Indian students is 12th pass from any CBSE, ISCE or State Boards. Students have to crack ACT with Writing and SAT exams for getting admissions along with the advanced placement score report.

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NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts):

NAFA (established in 1938) is an institute which offers polytechnic-level arts and designing courses. This university is government approved and support schools at tertiary level for performing arts. This institute receives funds from the ministry of education, Singapore.


It also gets public funding to provide diploma graduate courses in fine arts. In NAFA, importance is given to the various dance forms such as western, ballet, contemporary, theatre, music and design. The academy provides various full-time diploma courses and degree courses in fine arts education. Here is the list of various programmes offered by NAFA:

  • 3D Design programme
  • Arts Management programme
  • Design and Media programme
  • Fine Art programme
  • Fashion Studies programme
  • Dance programme
  • Music programme
  • Theatre programme

The academy also offers weekend courses for kids and teenagers of age between 4 to 18 years. It also offers enrichment courses and part-time certificate programmes for adults.

Eligibility Criteria:

After passing class 12th students can get admissions in this institute which will be based on auditions. One should sit for the NAFA English Placement Test for getting qualified for admissions.

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SMU (Singapore Management University):

SMU established in 1997 as a third university in Singapore. The motive of government is to bring diversity with the help of this university. It offers various management courses along with the arts and cultural management course.


Along with the theory course, it offers management and planning programme to the students which help to emphasise public education and audience development. For Indian students, who wants to pursue their career in fine arts, the academic requirements for undergraduates are similar to the leading universities in the UK and US. There are four subjects in ACM (Arts and Culture Management) curriculum:

  • Introduction to arts management
  • Introduction to museum management
  • Arts and culture study mission
  • Cultural policy and practice

Eligibility Criteria:

Along with good report of both, academic and extracurricular activities in class 12th, one should crack SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) exams. Admissions are based on merit and competitive exam results.

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Career options for professionals in arts:

In Singapore, there are various local institutes who hire musicians and dancers on a full-time basis. The role of the dancers is to teach other students in a structured 5-8 year music and dance program. Singapore government funds the arts, It is also beneficial for fine arts students. NAC (National Arts Council) offers various programmes which are project based on overseas travel and performances. The students who are innovative in their performances have a wide career scope in this field. The Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society supports more than 25 teachers and nearly 2000 students for arts education. Various multi-disciplinary institutes such as Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society, Apsaras Arts, Temple of fine arts, Global Indian Culture Center, SYAMA and more hire employees on a full-time basis. Fine arts play a challenging role in one’s life. In Singapore, fine arts is a developing culture which could work with registered private institutions. These institutions also provide PhD courses in fine arts to seek employment in the department of dance at university. Fine arts also offer opportunities in the fields such as colour theory, 2-D and 3-D design, animation, printmaking, music theory and more to the students.

Being a master in fine arts requires skills and experience so that one can be honoured as a holistic artist. Students can go for psychometric tests to identify their skills related to fine arts. It will help students get knowledge about their field of interests. After knowing about their hidden talents, students can pursue their career as a professional for edging the future success.

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