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Start your career in writing – How and Why

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Planning for a career shift?

How about, working for your hobby?

How about doing something which you love and whenever you love?

Cool, isn’t?

Probably, far way more than a regular job! Starting your career in writing can be a perfect choice if you are interested in writing and reading. You need not be a professional writer for starting your career in this field, you will become the one after some time.


start career in writing

How to Start Career in Writing

  • SEO writing careers: The career in SEO writing is a never-ending move, but it’s highly competitive. There may be more than million people already writing in your niche. have to choose your niche very carefully and have to stick with it. Whatever you are writing should be unique anyhow. Also, it takes some time to get your returns in a genuine way. But after you establish your brand, it can become your one of the asset.
  • Freelance writing careers: Freelance writing is one the popular field among online writers as most of the companies wants good and original content. Some of the firms can pay you 50-100$ per hour after you become a well-established One. freelance writers can earn more than 50,000$ and more per year after setting up in this field.
  •  Creative writing careers: Have something unique! you can start creative writing and earn for working for your love. some of the creative writing includes Comic book writing, advertisement writing, and Newspaper columns. creative writing career can become your full-time salaried job with a company or an asset.
  • Ghost Writing: Career in ghost-writing is well demanded in politics and businesses. The ghostwriters have to keep their secret identity while writing for someone or something.
  • Translator: If you are fluent any two or more language you can start your career in writing as a translator. Translators are very well demanded everywhere as many of the authors want to translate their content. Also, many of the newspapers, magazines and channels welcome their translators.
  • Resume and cover letter writing: This is one the trending writing field even it doesn’t look like a career. Many of the professionals are searching for the people who can make their profile amazing and good looking so that you can grow by helping others to grow.

There are hundreds of the opportunities which can be explored in this field. The only thing you have to remember is learning and trending. The career in writing in India is also very demanded. You can work simultaneously for different firms and get paid for it.

You need not write a hard hitting news story or a sensible novel to kick-start your career in writing. You can start by writing what people are already searching and follow along.

Website to start your career in writing:

  • Freelance writing:
    • LinkedIn ( for the career in writing: Having a LinkedIn profile can be helpful to start your writing profession. You can find lots of people searching for good writers on LinkedIn.
    • Freelancer( Not only as a blogger, this website is full of projects to start working on.
    • Beafreelanceblogger( The website can give you some links to earn 2000$ per post as authors say.
  • Blogging for the career in writing:
    • WordPress
    • Blogger
    • Tumblr
    • Quora blog

     After some time, you can monetize your blogs and start making money.

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Steps for starting the career in writing: 

  1. Choose a niche and start learning.
  2. Make a blog or website.
  3. Learn SEO and implement it well on your own website.
  4. Create your own portfolio page to show your skills and results.
  5. Ask for work by registering with different freelancing websites.
  6. Explore 

If you have any friend who wants to start his career in writing please share this article and you can ask us directly for any tips or guidance.

career in content writing

Some online courses are also available to teach professional blogging and SEO, but I would recommend learning by doing as it teaches best.

You can start your scripting and writing career by simply setting up your WordPress blog. The most important part is getting knowledge so that you can write unique and lots of content which can be read.

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