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[Update] Quotes for Morning Assembly with Meaning

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It’s already been two years when I wrote the first post on morning assembly thoughts for students. Since the post is still significantly helping students I decided to write an updated version of it with some new and refreshing thoughts along with their meanings.

Updated Morning Assembly Quotes for the Day

  • Opportunities are Like sunrise. If you wait too long you will lose them: Like the sun doesn’t wait for someone. You may miss the sunrise if you will wait for the perfect moment to see it. The opportunities work in the same way. If you will wait for the right moment the chance may go forever.
  • No one can love you forever, So be strong enough to love yourself: Life works this way. You will not be loved every time. It’s fine. Don’t look for love somewhere outside before loving yourself. Love your life more than anyone else does.
  • Seeing something once is always a better choice than hearing about it thousand times: It is a better choice to experience a moment than listening someone who talks about it. Have desire to see something for once than just a wish to hear about it for many times. You will be much satisfied!
  • Don’t be afraid if someone is talking behind your back, people talk of a person who deserves to be talked: People talk about celebrities, people talk about successful people and about the person who is different from them. It is fine if they are talking about you.
  • If you want to clean this world, it’s better to start with your own home: I have heard of someone who wanted to change the world, he failed. He then tried changing his nation, he got failure again. Then he tried changing his village and again he got nothing. He then attempted to change his family members but no one accepted him. Finally he started changing himself. He became better and by seeing him, his family got improved. Then his village and then his nation. Start from yourself.
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  • The world Around you is made by the people, You can always change it: The situations which you don’t like. The life you are running from. This all world around you is just a building made by the society living around you. You can always change it whenever you want.
  • There are no ordinary moments. [peace warrior quote]: If someone will closely look she will realize how special everything is. The beautiful morning, the blue sky, these all flying birds. Everything is miraculous. There are no obvious moments.
  • Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations: We should not be afraid if we are passing through the hard times. The roads to the beautiful destinations are often tougher to pass.
  • If You are passing through the hell, Keep Moving: It is better to keep moving if you are running through the hard times. Don’t stop in the hell. Keep moving!
  • Motivation helps you to start, habits help you to keep going: Motivation is only an initial fuel. It’s something which will help you start working on something. But the habits are the sustaining force which always help you to keep moving.

This is our new list of morning thoughts for morning assembly. We have written so many other inspirational quotes and their meanings as well. Do check them for further inspiration.

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