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What after GATE ??

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 After GATE ??

” Bas GATE nikal jaaye, phir to life set. (If you crack the GATE exam, then one  can enjoy a well settled life.) “

Most of the engineering students in India,  come across such statements in their college lives. In college, GATE  replaces JEE and becomes the new cool thing everyone starts talking about. So for many of our friends who have only heard about it, let’s first get familiar with the term ‘ GATE’ .


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Basically ‘GATE’ stands for  ‘Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering’. It is one of the most competitive exams in the country with almost 8-9 lakhs applicants appearing every year. It is mainly taken for admissions in top colleges for higher studies  and is also a bonus for all those applicants who directly wish to get placed after their bachelor’s. All the major PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking) and some other private firms give huge preference to the GATE scores for giving jobs in their firms. On the other hand, top institutes like IITs, NITs, IIITs etc. give admissions in their post-graduate or masters program through this exam. The ratio of selected students as compared to the number of aspirants is very less, hence making it quite challenging for students.


After knowing the basic information about the exam, we finally come to know that it solves mainly 2 purposes, one is the placement and other is the scope for higher studies. Thus, a question arises naturally, which one’s better?


Obviously, there is nothing good or bad here. It depends on what a person wants to pursue in life? What does he wish to do with his life? So here I’m summarizing the points you should remember while deciding :





after gate



Some students like to know about different concepts in depth and thus can pursue masters or doctorate in their respective fields of interest. For such engineering students GATE is the way to go. They can do their ‘Master in Technology (’ and  can further opt for a  ‘Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)’ . This gives them the option for doing research in their field of interest or even teach young aspiring engineers and scholars across the nation.




after gate placement


But if you don’t want to study more and wish to get placed in a PSU, then also GATE is the thing for you. You can get your dream job by scoring a high ‘normalized score’ in the exam and get a call from the top firms. Nowadays, some other private firms have also started taking students on the basis of GATE and hence giving them big offers.


But, I have a small suggestion  for all those students who simply do their masters not because they wanted it but because they couldn’t get their desired job. Wasting 2 years or more for a thing which you don’t want is a waste of time as well as money. In such a case you can try to get some off campus placement or do something of your own because, eventually that startup will yield you better, which you pursue from your heart and not under any kind of peer pressure.


You have got through one of the most competitive exams of the country, you deserve the right choice. Choose wisely and make your country proud.





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