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Guide: What to do after 10th

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Finishing 10th is fun. Isn’t? You start thinking sincerely about your career (or maybe not) and also start to get confused about your career choices. If you are from those of the students who are still unable to understand what to do after 10th, don’t worry. Just follow the article below.

Let’s start with the most preferred choices after 10th by the students of India.

What to do after 10th and more

What is to do after 10th in Science?

Do you want to become an engineer, scientist or if you love to play with computers? Want to research for medicines or electronics or if the vehicles make you excited? This is for you. You can take science and complete your 12th with maths or biology.

Maths after 10th science

Mathematics after 10th science will lead you to some technical courses like engineering and technical research. The courses like B.E, B Tech, B Sc (PCM) ask for maths in your 12th class. You can take Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics along with computer science or any other language after 12th in Maths.

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Biology after 10th science

If savior of the mankind, the doctors excite you, you should go for biology after 10th. You can follow food technology career, agriculture, and pharmacy after 12th. Biology is necessary for these courses.

Following Arts after 10th class

Interested in history? There are great career scopes in Arts stream. You can follow and perform better in mass communication, historian, or join politics after completing 10th.

There are enormous options including personal website and blogging while doing your researches in your interest, where you will definitely perform better than others who are not directly associated with this field. Also, IAS and other administrative services can be in choice.

What to do in commerce after 10th

Either a bank, big company or this whole country. everyone is demanding for the well educated, intelligent economists and commerce students. Maybe you are the next Dr. Manmohan Singh or Raghuram Rajan. Follow commerce and opportunities are waiting in the corporate world, administrations, politics and in universities.

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What’s more to follow

Polytechnic, technical diploma, and many tourism courses can be followed directly after 10th. However, it is suggested here to pursue 12th first, as it will help you to grow in future. Also, many of us think to pursue diploma first and leave 12th as a part-time, but I do not recommend it until you have some problem.

What to do after 10th courses

Conclusion to the career and options after 10th

Of course, the courses I discussed here are very limited and it might be feeling that you need more information. Don’t feel shy to write in comments about what to do after 10th. Also, help others by writing about any other course in comments.

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